Why die young?


Its not so safe after all. All that was beautiful furnished. All that was natural is officially fake authentic. Today  its hard to connect with someone, to share a sweet moment without being  a bit false.
A real connection takes guts and raw truths. Its like a small fire inside that needs to get out. Begging for a rapture to escape the cage. In my many interactions with people. We have to get high to understand each other, be untamed, rebels and ruthless to have things in common. I can’t blame anyone really. We don’t want to be left out. We dislike being misunderstood and seen as weird and not our type kind of person. In a way, we all have a lot going on In our lives, from school, our social life on the media, relationships. Its hard to juggle things .
Fast life, night life, chaos, enjoyment calling and parties. That’s our sphere. Living for now, not for the long run. Then, we die young. Kill ourselves because we become something less than we were, we are financially low, no jobs, broken relationships, social outcasts plus terminating pregnancies due to fear of responsibilities and the baby daddy will leave you in despair.
Only a few walk alone, don’t March with the crowd so much and try to get their mindsets on track. Its hard to find a permanent escape to harsh realities . Don’t get me wrong, going out is great, over doing it , isn’t a bed of roses.
What we can do is just try to be our brothers keeper. Help each other out, emotionally, financially if need be, house a friend, spiritually. You can’t be good to everyone but,one person makes a difference. Nicki minaj said,” to live doesn’t mean you’re alive ” thus we should make life worth while , more than just having life but doing nothing with it.
Don’t live in chaos and buy the confusion.
Be kind, it costs nothing
Help me grow, you grow too.. Symbiosis


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