14-year-old acrobat Wendy Waeni accuses ex-manager for pocketing all her dimes


Electric gymnast and acrobat Wendy Waeni has brought laughter and joy to the hearts of dignitaries and traveled across the globe to showcase her talent.

The 14-year-old said despite traveling and performing in numerous countries, she has never earned a penny. According to her, her manager pocketed all her dimes. Wendy said she lives in a single-roomed house located in Huruma estate and her mum sells sweets and cigarettes at night to cater for them.

During an interview with Citizen TV, the 14-year-old gymnast lamented about how her former manager Joe Mwangi allegedly conned her out of all her earnings. People thought she was making a good living but sadly her manager was taking all the credits. Wendy has never received a dime from her hard work and it’s so sad to realize that she was being used.

The 14-year-old flexible gymnast painfully narrating her story claimed her former manager never shared payments from her engagements and always kept her social media passwords and she claimed she never had access to her social media platforms.

During an interview with Jeff Koinange, Wendy apologizes to Jalango and claimed her manager was the one controlling her social media accounts and she didn’t know what was happening.

“If I have ever offended anyone it wasn’t me controlling my social media accounts, am really sorry,” she said

Immediately after the interview aired and social media jumped on the issue, Wendy’s Instagram page was switched to private.


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