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Providing Quality, Reliable, Fresh, Practical and State-Of-The-Art Entertainment-Based Solutions

Hotline Clique is a leading player in entertainment industry, we have grown to become one of the most reputable and respected entertainment companies in the region where we have delivered innovative and memorable brand experiences with tremendous impact.

We work in close partnership with our customers. Their needs are always at the forefront of our mind always, delivering a high standard of quality and value for their money.

Clients & Testimonials

Omwami Don

Recording and Performing Artist

Working with Hotline Clique has been an adventure in itself.
Their level of professionalism, competence, dedication and most importantly passion is unquestionable.These guys mean business. Anyone pursuing any venture needs a team like HotLine Clique;they take your dream and make it theirs…the next thing you know you are a satisfied client.

Georgina Rose Adanje


Hotline Clique has not only been an inspiration but also a motivation to explore more and expound your boundaries to greater things.It mentors you to be better in what you do given that the leaders work so hard to make sure we get what we need for the same course. They stop at nothing.
It is definitely the best brand to work with.

Vicmass Luodollar

Recording and Performing Artist

I like reading Hotline Clique blogs because they don’t rush publishing  or copy pasting stories/ before they run background check or call to know the other side of the story i rate them with 5


V Fentey


 It has really helped me to grow my potentials. They have taken my skill sets seriously which has helped me to expand on to them and specialize in them. My skill sets included photography, editing Hotline Clique has empowered many youths which is a great vision in many companies because it signifies their future orientations. And thats is why I would love to grow with hotline clique.

Leo Kyz

Musician based in Uganda

 I have been able to reach to a bigger audience on all media sites.. My music is now getting listened to by people in kenya Something i wouldn’t have achieved without hotline clique

Lee Kariuki Mwangi


Our audience wants to receive the most relevant information right away in a format easily consumable for the decision-making process. Hotline Clique expertise and “out of the box thinking” in helping us strategically deliver targeted content is a key value to improving our audience’s content journey.

Hotline Clique

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