Ladies and Gentlemen (tbh mostly Gentlemen), The Champions League is back, the Premier League is back, everything is back! Sadly, we cannot say the same about Sportpesa. The company has shut down its site and closed its operations after days, weeks and months of tweeting to its customers that the transactions will resume ‘soon’.
We bid good work to the 400 employees that lost their jobs. Because we all know SportPesa was about more than just gambling. Leave alone the sponsorship to Kenyan football and worldwide presence of Kenya, SportPesa was about the feeling of football. It was about backing your team, when you know your team was gonna happen, even though it didn’t happen. It was about the feeling of winning when one, two and then three of the teams in your multibets went ahead. It was a dream of a better next week, treating your friend/girlfriend. I am no advocate of gambling blindly, but I am an advocate of dreaming (dreaming hard enough becomes reality, because even dreams have actions.)

In just under six years, SportPesa put Kenya in the English Premiere League. In under six months of dealing with the Government of Kenya (GoK), they were put down like the giants they were. Kieni MP Kanini Kega speaking at PCEA Church in Nyeri, basically said sorry not sorry to the firm.

SportPesa was known for having legit odds. Kenyans are left to deal with Betika and Betway who many belive the two firms have inflated and deflated odds to confuse the customers’ pick outcome. I remember when I earned Ksh 6500 from a Ksh 50 multibet, I stuck with SportPesa henceforth. Days later I won again. I haven’t earned a shilling since SportPesa was halted in July. But I digress, SportPesa will only resume transaction once ‘adequate taxation and non-hostile regulatory environment is returned.’
PS. Gambling can be extremely addictive, but it is not gambling once sense is invloved.
What was your SportPesa highlight?
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