Reasons Why You Should Choose Starboard Safaris

by Deezymulla
Reasons Why You Should Choose Starboard Safaris

Feeling and being in control is the desire of everyone. However, some things are very tough to control and will leave you with a headache every time. Travelling is one of them. For you to have a successful trip, it’s essential to have proper arrangements. You will require having a picture of where you are going, accommodation, means of transport and several other things. If you are going there for the first time, such information is not easy to get. Therefore, you will require assistance from a travel agency like Starboard Safaris. Here are some of the reasons to look for while choosing an agency.
Before I take you through the reasons let me take a minute and introduce Starboard Safaris and what they are all about.
Starboard Safaris is a tour agency dealing with majorly local tours and a bit of across the border deals. When you think of anything travel or transport-related, think of Starboard Safaris.
Below I listed reasons why you should choose Starboard Safaris as your tours and travel agency.

  • Starboard Safaris personally plan, create and do all the leg work, therefore they can offer flexibility and many options. Once you are confirmed on their tour, the personalization of each tour is created for you, by YOU! 
  • They create relax paced and culturally enriched tours and they ask for each person’s “must-do list” to better provide more time for you to encounter more of your own personal pursuits and interests.
  • Experience: Starboard safaris work with people who have a wide range of experience in special fields.
  • Their Management and staff will guide you through and be with you all through the journey making sure all is right and done as Promised.
  • They help you connect socially with others to ensure you a sense of security while traveling. No one ever travels alone when you travel with Starboard safaris. Together as a group, they mix and mingle when they are together and you will often find them having a good sing-along somewhere along the way.
  • Starboard Safaris go beyond the normal tourist attractions and provide experiences other tour companies do not. Their mission is to promote tourism in Kenya and provide tourists from all corners of the globe diversified tour products and services through their highly team of qualified and motivated staff.
  • They treat each member of their experience as if they were their own very well-loved family members. This gives you the confidence that everyone is well taken care of.
  • Starboard Safaris do their pre-visits well making sure they recommend a destination that is worth a visit they wouldn’t want to recommend a destination they know nothing about thus helping you plan your perfect vacation
  • They love being able to go above and beyond. Whilst on tour, they’ve been asked to celebrate many birthdays and engagements. They’ve bought local specialty prizes and birthday cakes. Thus if you have a special occasion to celebrate starboard safaris will help you make it the best celebration as you enjoy your vacation.
  • They listen, discuss and advise. Sounds obvious but they listen to your ideas, plans, and objectives for your business. They then select the best solution to fit. They don’t shoehorn projects and if they feel they are not a good fit they’ll be honest and tell you the outset.
  • They manage your tour according to your needs and budget…

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If you want to have the best amazing adventure or vacation with your friends, family, lover, think of Starboard Safaris trust me you won’t regret it.
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