Tanasha Donna to Undergo Butt Enhancement

Tanasha Donna to Undergo Butt Enhancement

NRG presenter Tanasha Donna revealed on her Instagram stories that she is planning to undergo a butt enhancement.
The butt transplant is expected to take place next year. Tanasha admitted that she is not happy with her small butt and her body’s shape.
“Actually, I am thinking of getting a surgery done next year, but not silicon, am gonna do a fats transfer. Am gonna be quiet open about it you know. But then, yeah at the end of the day I believe what’s important is who you are deep down and who you are inside. There is this stuff I don’t like about myself, this so much stuff. I don’t like my body, I don’t like my butt, I don’t have a butt,” she said. 
This comes after she has been receiving attacks of her body physique.


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