Teezeh blesses his fans with more of Teezeh Branded Merchandise

Teezeh releases first song off his debut album

Teezeh Being a lifestyle brand and because of his love for fashion, once again he has blessed his fans with more Teezeh Branded Merchandise.

Teezeh Branded T-shirts

The Tshirts have the name “Teezeh Kijana T” designed on them. The design of the name also acts as his official logo as seen in his music videos and audiovisual contents.

The Hat has the ‘Teezeh’ name written on it and a print of rose flower on the sides. The rose flower symbolizes the inspiration behind the new design. Its all been inspired by love. Nothing but love. Teezeh’s love for music, fashion & just a general good lifestyle. He just wants to make people look good.

His first design was the “Neptune Teezeh” branded hoods and t-shirts in 2016. Then mid-2018 he unveiled a new design of “t” branded baseball caps. From that experience, Teezeh has received so much love and that’s what has inspired this new design because his way of thinking has evolved creatively as well. He feels like he has a responsibility for this. He just wants to let that small boy growing up in the village to be aware of what they are capable of no matter where they’ve been brought up.

“It’s not simple though coz all this requires more study and research from the fashion world, to be well informed of how this works. But I thank God so far so good. The reception has been amazing. Actually, I just received an order from Denmark, but since it will be my first time making such deliveries, honestly speaking I’m just anxious about how all this will go down. It’s an adventure after all. The merchandise was made by SIBI PRINTING LTD, located in Kirinyaga Road Nairobi. It’s the first batch of products from OYGO. I  have a team of creative minds so expect more products from us soon,” he explains.


Also In the near future, Teezeh is planning to open more online stores and partnerships with companies like Jumia and Amazon to help in distribution, as they expand their markets.

“One of my objectives is to make Oyugis Town a fashion hub as well, that’s why our activities are based there. We have so many skilled unemployed youths whom I believe can get a decent source of income if the OYGO Enterprise expands,” he explains.

To make an order email teezehvevo@gmail.com Or call/text 0703170207
Delivery takes 1-week maximum to reach the client. 



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