“We have no shortage of gospel artistes” Ringtone tells mihadarati hitmaker


Gospel singer ringtone found himself at the centre of vicious reactions from his own fans once again. The singer, who has transitioned from a gospel inspiration to an online-ranter, turned his guns on the viral Mihadarati hitmaker Stivo Simple boy.

The gospel singer is known to have developed a habit of riding on online waves.

In an Instagram post, Ringtone said that Mihadarati hitmaker is not a gospel artiste urging Stivo Simple Boy to come out and state the nature of his songs.

The controversial gospel singer seems to have been threatened by Stivo’s new song I lift you higher and decided to bash the Mihadarati Hitmaker

“Steve simple boy I support you but I want to ask you this: do you love Jesus? Which church do you go to? Are you about entertainment or are you about the ministry of God?” Ringtone posted. 

Ringtone urged the Mihadarati Hitmaker Stivo to work with him on a project as a way of showing he was indeed focused on the gospel.

It didn’t take long for fans to start reacting as many concluded he was desperately seeking attention on Stivo Simple boy’s newfound fame while others bashed him with words saying what Ringtone was doing wasn’t right.


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