by Willy Ngumi

It’s about that time. GROUP STAGES are almost over and KNOCKOUTS is on the way. But which team is going to be the champ? Who knows? I can only make an educated guess based on their fixtures list.

Let’s get the hopeful’s out of the way. Chelsea, Man Utd, Ajax, Atlanta, Napoli, RB Leipzig, Lyon, Lille and Valencia are all very good teams but any team can win a match, It’s how consistently you can win matches. Based on their fixtures list, against the heavy weights it’s miraculous if they can win those matches consistently. Consequently, the same can be said about the rest of the League leaders of the world.

Liverpool, they can beat any one in Europe right now and they’ve got the key to Europe because it’s about how consistently they win matches.

Barcelona have Messi. I wouldn’t put it past him to perform a Masterclass and take the trophy but Barcelona, without him, I doubt could be the consistent match player.

Man City are their usual Class bombers and winning games is like a good shave, they’ve got to do it. Pep is behind this but would need another master class to get the trophy.

Spurs are the underdogs in the group and made it to last years finals though they struggled for consistency up until the end. Poch has become a footballer and he has a great group, if they reach the final again then it could be theirs.

Dortmund seem to be a step away from a European domination but they’re also a step from a bad away game.

Bayern Munich are the regular bad boys and Lewandoski is practically a lawyer on the pitch. The individual quality in every player is absolutely insane. How far they decide to go in the Champs league is up to them.

Real Madrid have been the Presidents of Champions League and this could be another year for them.

Juventus and Ronaldo winning the Champions league is a documentary about to happen. Evidently one of the best teams in Europe, they’re still gonna have to deal with the English Competitors and their forever rival Real Madrid.

The title holders for 2020 are very likely to be English with Foreign Managers. Pep’s side, Man city, are going to snatch this. All the possible winners are still in a stage of gelling with each other and Man city are basically stalking Liverpool now. I think Liverpool will give too much towards the Premier League and the Champions League will slip away. Man city will creep up and they can take both fixtures away at any ground in Europe.

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